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Welcome to our blog. You can find here informations about newest kitchen designs trends, designs and products. From traditional to contemporary, find the right countertop style for your kitchen by browsing these posts. Absolute Kitchen and Granite offers an all-round service which gives you the luxury treatment of saving time and money.  Therefore, a private limousine service will pick you up and drive you to our business partners to choose tiles as well as flooring. We provide you with all necessities which are needed for remodeling your wonderful home. Professionalism is our top Priority. We take care of our clients and want them to feel safe. We understand that the renovation process can be overwhelming, therefor we want to create a joyful experience for our clients. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality services within home interior renovations, entire apartment remodels, quality cabinets, cutting-edge designs, and luxurious custom stone work.

Marble countertops sealer

Marble Countertops and Sealing

  All About Marble Countertops & Sealing I’ve always loved white marble countertops they are bright, elegant, add character. They can also be one of the cheapest stone solutions if you choose Carrara marble, making them a great choice if you’re on a budget. However, many people are afraid of them due to the perception […]

Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends 2017

   Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends 2017 1) Do you dare to bare it all? Open shelving is one of the top trends that we keep seeing. If you’re brave enough to go for it open shelving is an easy way to make your kitchen appear larger than it is. It’s also a great option […]

Kitchen Trends for 2017

Kitchen Trends & Thoughts Your kitchen says a lot about your style. There are many elements that work together to create your look. You must consider colors, finishes and materials used. Your countertop and backsplash are two kitchen focal points that greatly impact your kitchen décor. Don’t let your outdated countertops impact your kitchen. There […]

Colts Neck – The Journal

The Colts Neck Journal Colts Neck finest and most established news magazine in central New Jersey. The Journals are the premier publications for high-quality, hyperlocal news and advertising in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Modern Kitchen  Quartz Countertops Colors . Homepage

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Quartz Countertops Colors – What are the most popular ?

QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS COLORS   “What are the most popular quartz countertops colors?”   We’ve done the homework for you!  Are you curious? Do you wonder as you plan out your renovation what the popular choices are for quartz counter tops these days?  Do the homeowners of New Jersey, especially here in the Monmouth County area […]

Quartz. Trending Quartz

Quartz As you will see more and more people are turning to Quartz countertops vs. Granite/Marble, but why you ask? Simple as stated previously: “Quartz is a man made product which contains crushed quartz mixed with resin in a ratio of 93% quartz to 7% resin. They are manufactured in a variety of different patterns and […]

Modern Kitchen – with gold influence

A VIBE OF LUXURY IS ARISING WITH GOLD STATEMENT MODERN KITCHEN DESIGNS The heart of our homes is mainly considered as functionally room, but the latest Interior design trends emerged significant changes in Kitchen design. Traditional Stainless Steel appliances and accessories are replaced by warm metallic features. Gold and Bronze handles, faucets, islands or cabinets […]

Kitchen Remodeling – Why Choose Us?

Kitchen Remodeling – Quality • Experience • Unique Design The heart of the home is the kitchen, and the heart of a kitchen remodel is integration. Beginning in the design phase, aesthetics must harmonize with functionality, design align with budget and product selection complement design. Whether you need kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, custom stone work […]