Contemporary Kitchen Trends for 2017

Kitchen Trends & Thoughts

Your kitchen says a lot about your style. There are many elements that work together to create your look. You must consider colors, finishes and materials used. Your countertop and backsplash are two kitchen focal points that greatly impact your kitchen décor. Don’t let your outdated countertops impact your kitchen. There are plenty of great kitchen trends in 2017 that can easily update your look for years to come.

The countertop is probably the space you use most in the kitchen. From a quick breakfast to preparing a dinner for all, your countertop must not only look great but be functional. The trends in countertop material for the new year create that perfect mix of easy to use and beautiful décor.

In 2017, trendy décor depends on the materials used. If you’re looking to update your kitchen with a long-lasting material, natural stone is a great choice. Choose classic marble countertops, which are great for those who love to bake. Be aware of the maintenance that comes with any natural stone countertop. The exact type of care varies by material, but the stone should be sealed and cleaned regularly.

Quartz is definitely a trend that’s catching up with the ever popular granite. Homeowners love engineered stone countertops because they’re durable, which also means that they’re resilient against scratches, stains and heat. An added bonus is that they require very little maintenance.

For the home chef, having a butcher block countertop is a dream amenity. Not only do they give a rustic, farmhouse look to the kitchen, but they are extremely functional. They allow the cook to cut, chop and dice directly on the countertop. As natural elements in the home is a hot trend in 2017, wood and butcher block countertops are a great choice for the kitchen. Price can vary depending on the material you choose. From dark walnut to sustainable bamboo, you can choose the right material to match your style and budget.

No matter which you are thinking about going with always check websites that allow you to view what colors are tending and what styles are happening right now. You don’t know to invest in a kitchen that you will end up disliking. Always think thoroughly when creating your new home space. And make sure you love it!